Time to Hire

Planning and Prioritizing Your Marketing Efforts For The New Year

October 13, 2023 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA)
Time to Hire
Planning and Prioritizing Your Marketing Efforts For The New Year
Show Notes

Alison Richmond and Lori Blanford from ClearEdge Marketing join Lamess Abourahma to help you make the most of the fall budgeting season. They will show you how to create a market plan and budget to bring in leads and boost sales in the new year and beyond.



Marketing Budget Season Is Here [3:35]

What A Marketing Budget Should Be [5:17]

Where To Start The Budgeting Process [7:02]

Assess Past and Current Marketing Performance [8:33]

Start Building Your Marketing Budget [11:12]

Common Marketing Budget Pitfalls [13:00] 

How To Rebound When Your Budget Comes In Lower Than You Expected [15:07]


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