Time to Hire

Talent Technology Driving RPO Success & Candidate Experience

September 01, 2023 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA)
Time to Hire
Talent Technology Driving RPO Success & Candidate Experience
Show Notes

In this episode, Lamees Abourahma is joined by Nicole Clarke, Co-Founder of Shazamme, a recruitment marketing technology company in Australia. Shazamme is also an RPOA member and iCOCO partner. For this episode, Nicole explains how technology can be used to create secure and transparent career websites with effective job landing pages. She also highlights the effective use of technology to attract potential candidates and convert them into hires.

Intro: [00:00]

Topic #1: The Necessity of Modern Website Technology for RPO providers [2:22]

Topic #2: Recruiting Is Marketing [4:23] 

Topic #3: Why Career Sites Are Important [5:31] 

Topic #4: Website Technology Must-Haves for RPO providers [10:17]

Topic #5: Setting Up A Career Site For Success From A Foundational Level [14:31]

Topic #6: Job Details Must-Haves [16:03] 

Topic #7: RPO Must Bring Innovative Solutions To The Table [18:33] 

Topic #8: Risk Reduction [22:54] 

Topic #9: Tracking and Analyzing Data  [24:04]

Topic #10: How RPOs Can Support Clients In A Modern Way [25:37]

Closing: [27:05]

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