Time to Hire

Recruiting in Times of Layoffs

June 16, 2023 Lamees Season 1 Episode 1
Time to Hire
Recruiting in Times of Layoffs
Show Notes

In this episode, Lamees Abourahma is joined by Trent Cotton, Vice President of talent and culture at HatchWorks, Kelly Berlage, Vice President of global talent acquisition at Lineage Logistics, Rob Navarette, Global Head of global service delivery, recruitment and transformation, technology and operations for WTW, and Zach Chertok, workforce analyst for IDC, to explore how employers can best navigate current hiring challenges and understand the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing(RPO).

Intro: [00:00]

Topic #1: Trent, Rob, and Kelly Describe Their Current Scope of Annual Hiring [4:50]

Topic #2: Zach Describes The Research Done at IDC [8:46]

Topic #3: Intro Into Discussion [10:09]

Topic #4 Reality of Current Hiring Demand and Talent Market [10:50]

Topic #5 How Has The Reality of The Talent Market Affected Talent Acquisition Strategies [31:30]

Topic #6 Paying Talent With Bitcoin [40:51]

Topic #7: Benefits of RPO in The Current Hiring Landscape [42:42]

Topic #8 Panelists Share Key Takeaways of Discussion [50:31]

Closing [55:05]

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